How my bunny is ruining my attempts to graduate from law school:

I reserved this portion of the summer to complete my 6,000 word writing requirement for law school. My idea was that I would sleep during the day, and work through the night. My line of reasoning had to do with the ongoing activity during the day that would inevitably distract me from this important task. 

What I failed to take into account was that my lil bunny, Alice loves the nightlife. She felt that I was finally conforming to her schedule and has been more outgoing than ever. I have been trying to get her to be more interactive for months! Unfortunately, because our schedules are now on the same page, she is consistently demanding her bunny massages or playtime. Because I have not been consistently RSVPing to her invitations for attention, she has made it her mission to sabotage my paper at all costs: 

It all started with the look: 

1. Next, she hopped up on my bed, requesting bunny massage and pretended to sleep. If I didn’t comply, she would use my bed as her personal bathroom. She is potty trained and is ONLY doing this to show me how pissed she is…pun intended. 

Ok, so I decide I’m going to write on the floor, so Alice won’t take her anger out on my sleep haven. 

2. She would hop on my back and nudge my arm as I typed:

3. She then moved to breaking into her treats, knowing I would catch her.

4. Then she went the emotional route…pretending to cry:

5. When that didn’t work, she threatened to jump off a building:

6. Next, she moved away from the emotional element by simply refusing to let me read material that was not on my computer screen:

7. And last, but certainly not least, she amped up her game and moved to all out war by attempting to destroy my power sources:

Moral of the story: Do not be fooled by the maximum level of adorableness. She is a criminal mastermind trapped inside of a fluffy ball of cute. BEWARE of the bun!

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